Zandonà begins his story in 1985, based in one of the most important industrial districts in the world, engaging in Research and Development of solutions for plastics-technology. In 1997 it began the study and the implementation of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that will be completed and market worldwide since 2001.

Since 2018 Zandonà brand has joined the MTB business and has rapidly positioned itself as a guarantee of competence and professionalism in the implementation of PPE, exclusively designed, certified and produced in Italy.
The experience gained over time allowed us to offer innovative products, high in quality and covered by a functional design.

The cooperation with the WeRide Fulgur Factory Team, external designers, modelers and technicians is stimulus for us to innovate and to continuously updating our technical skills.
The sharing of these experiences contributes to further enrich their Research & Development laboratory, making the Zandonà products always more and more excellent in quality, performance, style and comfort.


Our mission is protecting your passion for mountain biking. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

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